Toy Organ

Much of my artistic practice focuses on composing and performing with my favorite instrument, my 1960s Magnus vintage toy organBought on eBay about six years ago, I love the instrument not only for its unique sound and tuning, but also because it feels very comfortable for me to physically perform on due to an impaired left hand. I often perform solo on the instrument, also featuring my voice, and have performed in a variety of venues and settings, including at TEDxMidAtlantic and Vienna’s Porgy & Bess Club.

Please see below for samples of my work on the organ, including several collaborative works I have created on it. For performance inquiries please contact me.

Going Beyond Ability – TEDxMidAtlantic

speech/performance on re-imagining physical impairment

Front and Center (2017-18) 24′

for vintage toy organ, voice, percussion (one player), and live + pre-recorded electronics

created in collaboration with percussionist Jop Schellekens, as part of the inaugural Artist Residency of the De Link Concert Series 

FP: January 30, 2018 at Het Cenakel in Tilburg, Netherlands

Mechanica (2017) 25′

for vintage toy organ and pre-recorded electronics, performed with virtual environment projections

created in collaboration with visual artist Leo Castaneda

FP: September 23, 2017 at Garner Arts Center in Garnerville, NY